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Pokemon ORAS comes out this friday! Once I do obtain it, which trainer name should I go with? (Choosing my name takes me more time than completing the game, i swear). Let me know why you chose your answer! 

3 deviants said Andromeda...A more unique name that I love, and the name I choose for my X/Y adventure.
3 deviants said Germany...An inside joke with DA friends. Will surely also cause confusion since I'm not from Germany.
2 deviants said Jarica...The original name of my Hoenn trainer OC. I don't expect to see any other players with the name.
2 deviants said Scarlet... The name Jarica changed her name to in my story. A good name, but also common enough that I'd probably see other Scarlets.
2 deviants said Other suggestions? *comment*
No deviants said OneLifeRemaining... Since it's my screen name pretty much everywhere.
No deviants said One... A shortened version of that^
No deviants said My real name...which is unique enough I probably won't see any others with the same...also, I hate it. x.x
No deviants said Alternatively, a nickname of my real name; Devi, Vona, Devo, etc whatever XD


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Ruby padded confidently into the Midnight Coliseum. It had been a whole moon since she had been here last, and it was nice to be able to see so many familiar faces again. She flicked her tail at her mentor, Bird, and split off from him as he joined the elder healers. Looking around for anyone knew to make friends with, the red cheetah hopped up onto a boulder to scan the clearing for anyone her age who was alone. 

Three, dark legs awkwardly carried the new healer apprentice to the edge of the Moonlight Coliseum. She stayed close to Claudius, her pelt bristling with nervousness. He had to slow his pace to match her limp, and, for not the first time, she admired his patience. This would be her first meeting with the other healers alike, and she was having doubts if they would accept her.
The jaguar gingerly followed her mentor down the slope, approaching the healers and their apprentices. Kinza's eyes trailed over to a female cheetah as she leaped up on to a boulder with ease. As soon as her eyes settled on Ruby, they left her and dropped to her paws. As Claudius left to see the other healers, that left just Kinza. Alone. 
She sat down and her paws worked on the ground nervously. 

Ruby looked over her shoulder, feeling eyes on her, and spotted a jaguar her age looking down at her paws...Or, paw. The cheetah pricked her ears. She'd never seen this other cub before, and it looked like this was her first gathering. Hoping off her boulder, she padded over to the jaguar. 

"Hello!" Ruby mewed cheerfully. She loved meeting new felines. 

Kinza's white-tipped ears pinned to her head when the cheetah approached her. It still seemed kind of strange to her that healers from different Empires could have meetings like this with no tension. 
The jaguar cub smiled at Ruby and recalled how the other more confident apprentices introduced themselves. "Hey, I-I'm Kinza. Fr-from Fire Empire," she stuttered quietly. "What's your name?"

Ruby blinked comfortingly and sat down, curling her long tail over her paws. Her own first gathering had been not long ago, and the memory of how strange a gathering was was still fresh in her mind. 

"Kinza? That's a really neat name. I'm Rubria, of Ice Empire. I'm an apprentice healer!" Ruby mewed cheerfully. Her eyes were drawn downwards to Kinza's gimpy leg. She tipped her head curiously. How had that happened? Well, it wasn't her place to ask. "What are you training to be?"

"Thanks," the young jaguar mumbled, smiling at the ground. "Your name is nice too."
With a glance at Ruby, Kinza noticed that she was looking at her half-missing leg. Her ears once again fell back and her confidence drained once again, pelting bristling. "I'm training to be a healer, like you. Claudius is my mentor." She flicked her tail over toward the lynx as he was seated beside the other healers. "Who are you training under? Uh... Beard wasn't it?" she asked, trying to remember who Claud had told her about - though it was actually Bird.

Ruby brought her eyes back up to Kinza's as the jaguar spoke. The other apprentice's leg made her curious, but it didn't bother her at all. "Thanks!" She blinked. "Everyone calls me Ruby for short."

"Who are you training under? Uh... Beard wasn't it?"

Ruby couldn't stifle a giggle. "His name is Bird. He's that reddish jaguarundi who's talking to Claudius over there," She mewed, nodding to where the two full hunters were speaking. Other healers were approaching them. Ruby turned back to Kinza. 

"So, did you escape from the City? Or were your born into your empire like me?" She asked politely. She could tell the young jaguar was very nervous; Ruby wanted to make the younger apprentice feel at ease. 

Kinza's pelt heated with embarrassment. She couldn't afford to make mistakes like that when the other healers probably would not even appreciate her anyway. But Ruby did not make her feel bad. She seemed like she would almost be laughing with her - not at her.
Comforted at the thought, the cub gave her bristling chest fur a quick lick, before glancing over at the jaguarundi Ruby spoke about. "What's a jaguarundi? I know it's a hybrid with a jaguar, but what else?

Did you escape from the City? Or were you born into your Empire like me?

"I escaped," Kinza said simply, not wanting to go too deep into that subject. "Well, they let me go." Clearing her throat, the jaguar met Ruby's gaze. "Do you know your parents? What's it like?"

Ruby lifted a paw to cover her mouth as she giggled again. "No, silly, jaguarundis aren't hybrids! They're their own...thing." The young cheetah laughed and shrugged. "But I can see how you would think so."

When Kinza asked about her parents, Ruby shook her head. "No, I never knew them." Ruby said sadly and explained. "They only stayed with Ice Empire long enough to have me, then they went on their way and left me in the empire's care." 

If UnknownLioness wishes to continue this from where Tiki and I left off, I'm up for it. If not, we should still have them be friends! :dummy: (if that's okay XD)
Ruby and Kinza RP
Yup, this one is really short, and really old. I had been doing so many RPs at the time that I guess I totally forgot to reply to this one. Sorry, xXTikiTikiXx

But since Kinza just got a new owner, I figured I'd just throw this up to celebrate! I can easily see these two being best friends C: Not to mention they both ended up being mentored by Beard Bird.

Ruby belongs to me. +EP
Kinza was recently adopted and now belongs to UnknownLioness.
The Royal Team of Princess Maeve by OneLifeRemaining
The Royal Team of Princess Maeve
This is a newer Pokemon OC and her team that I was planning out a story for. Originally, she was a princess from the Kalos region who runs away to the Kanto region to be a trainer against her parent's wishes. She meets a Kanto prince there who's a snotty, stuck up, ignorant, abusive, irresponsible punk, and he becomes her rival as they race to gather all their badges before the other. The two hate to admit it, but they're kinda friends, since they had to join forces more than once to fight Team Rocket to either save each other or a pokemon in trouble. Eventually, after besting him time and time again and then finally defeating the champ and stuff, her rival's pride falls and he learns what it really means to be a trainer. Theeeennn the two eventually get together and live happily ever after. 

Yeah that whole story plot can go out the window now, along with my boyfriend who I was writing it with. :iconnotasinglefuckplz: 

I'll be coming up with a NEW story plot for her, if I want to write a story for her at all. It would probably surround a lot of the details from the original plot that I didn't mention...including a thief that stole half of a mega stone or key stone or something, resulting in the permanent half-mega form of Houndoom, here. Being permanently in that stage is both a help and a hindrance for houndoom. He's stronger than his usual form, yes, but his energy dwindles quickly. He doesn't have much time before his life force runs cold...

Characters/ideas belong to me, dammit. Don't steal 'em.


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