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To Do List:

Gifts and collabs
:bulletwhite: DappledSun - Nedria keyring (ready to ship)
:bulletorange: Soren-Shield Alcina/Andro collab (waiting on lineart)
:bulletyellow: scarkit Tempestas headshot
:bulletblue: stray-thought Ceres/Andro, widescreen 3DS art
:bulletpurple: Sky-Lily Cynthia magnet (sketched)
:bulletblack: tie-falcon

:bulletwhite: Update Kestrel
:bulletorange: Meet a newb (sketched)
:bulletyellow: Update Ramiel
:bulletblue: Update (written) Meet a newb (sketched)
:bulletpurple: Update Ivy
:bulletblack: Meet a newb

:bulletblack: (Alukard) First Hunt as full hunter - RPing
:bulletblack: Alukard capturing Dehlia - lined

Personal art
:bulletgreen: Alu's mother
:bulletgreen: In the Past
:bulletgreen: In the Present

RP Art
:bulletorange: Andro/Soren reunited RP
:bulletorange: Andro/Kid: Part Ways RP
:bulletblack: Return of the Eclipse RP

:bulletpurple: Sky-Lily Garan pixel icon (paid)
:bulletgreen: youngestdrake Team pic, traditional
:bulletgreen: PokeMasterLucius Symbol design

:bulletblack: Design trade with Baliwick (My half finished)




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Devi Felgar
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United States

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One Life Remaining

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My weirdo DA family<33

:iconstray-thought: :icondappledsun: :iconrininiri: :iconasante-sana: :iconstaniqs: :iconxxtikitikixx: :iconscarkit: :iconsky-lily: :icontie-falcon:

More awesome artist/friends:<33

:iconbosleyboz: :iconrain-strive: :icon2wolfan: :iconpedropoliss: :iconccdoomo: :iconkatrica:

Artistic Inspirations:

:iconbaliwick: :iconmoonsongwolf: :iconnightrizer: :iconkaisertiger: :icondaesiy: :iconakeli: :iconwild-hearts: :iconninjakato: :icongriffsnuff: :icontigresadaina: :iconflashw:

Awesome fellow Team Magma fans

:iconkatrica: :iconcocosnowlo:

RL Friends / Acquaintances:

Blossomtail5 TuLIpDReAmEr703 skullstriker ILHarbinger xxadeathalonexx KuKuCatchoo youngestdrake isang-peminista ColossalT uberWurmple gamemaster111 Menoaske layle-drakeus XxPsychopathyxX yorkey86 reaperproject PokeMasterLucius


My characters

© me!
Current RPs

EBC: Andromeda icon plz by OneLifeRemaining Andromeda ~ Leader

:iconebc-alucard: Alukard ~ Hunter

:iconebc-ice: Ruby ~ Healer

:iconebc-shadow: Ivy ~ Gladiator

:iconebc-air: Kestrel ~ Gladiator

:iconebc-lightning: Ramiel ~ Cub


Locations of Site Visitors

Gryffindor House STAMP by CrystalLynnblud
I don't always hop on bandwagons. But when I do, it's on DA. 

Take a look at how my art has progressed over the years! 

The SLender Man by OneLifeRemainingTigerstar VS. Scourge by OneLifeRemainingTribal Twist by OneLifeRemainingMajesty by OneLifeRemainingHandheld Owlflight by OneLifeRemainingA Midnight Wish On Christmas by OneLifeRemainingSpirit Meets Starlite by OneLifeRemainingMidnight Wish by OneLifeRemainingEscaping the Dragon Court -Trade by OneLifeRemainingA Fire Within - Chapter 1, Part 1 by OneLifeRemainingWildstar and Scarlegs gift by OneLifeRemainingGranite's Border Patrol by OneLifeRemainingMidnight Wish and Electric Blue - Trade by OneLifeRemainingWhite Wish Pixel Commission by OneLifeRemainingMark Frost Commission by OneLifeRemainingSpirit Eyes by OneLifeRemainingThe Recon Mission by OneLifeRemainingA Love For Lava by OneLifeRemainingAFW- Chapter 4, Part 4 by OneLifeRemainingAFW - Chapter 4, Part 3 by OneLifeRemainingAn Anouncement in the Fire Empire Camp by OneLifeRemainingA Fire Within - Chapter 4, Part 2 by OneLifeRemainingCOMMISSION for PhoenixFirewing by OneLifeRemainingNightMare Ride by OneLifeRemainingSakuraCon 2012 Friends by OneLifeRemainingEnigma by OneLifeRemainingWake up, Andromeda by OneLifeRemainingStar Face by OneLifeRemainingNot Gonna Rage Quit by OneLifeRemainingMaybe One Day by OneLifeRemainingMass Training in the Sandy Meadow by OneLifeRemainingAlone by OneLifeRemainingA Battle For Honor - Art by OneLifeRemainingMLP Commission - Elusion by OneLifeRemainingPack Rat Pixel Pony - With bag - Commission by OneLifeRemainingBecome Who you Want to Be by OneLifeRemainingAlucard Journal Doll by OneLifeRemainingRace to the Lowlands by OneLifeRemainingThe Element of WATER by OneLifeRemainingEBC: SS Liberius- Bahumbug! by OneLifeRemainingEBC: Ruby's Training- Collecting Herbs by OneLifeRemainingEBC: Alucard's Training Assignment by OneLifeRemainingSpooked by OneLifeRemainingRuby Journal Doll by OneLifeRemainingAlastor, the Illusionist by OneLifeRemainingChronos, the Healer by OneLifeRemainingEBC: Ruby's November Assignment by OneLifeRemainingJarica Running (Animation!) by OneLifeRemainingEBC: Andro's November Assignment- Ambush Training by OneLifeRemainingKiriban gift for Blazestar by OneLifeRemainingBeauty of the Sea by OneLifeRemaining EBC: Fire Fight by OneLifeRemainingEBC: COME AT MEH BRO by OneLifeRemainingEBC- The Training Coliseum by OneLifeRemaining EBC: Ruby's training- Entering A World Of Dreams by OneLifeRemaining EBC: Alu's Training- Fighting Another Apprentice by OneLifeRemaining  EBC: Caught red pawed by OneLifeRemaining   EBC: Andromeda - Going Away by OneLifeRemaining

*enter 8 month digital-art deprived period*

EBC: Ruby's Return by OneLifeRemainingEBC- Alucard's Arrival by OneLifeRemainingEBC: Andromeda's Revenge 2/2 by OneLifeRemainingEBC: Andromeda's Revenge 1/2 by OneLifeRemainingMidnight Wish Magnetchild by OneLifeRemainingEBC: Andromeda's Relationships by OneLifeRemainingEBC: Andromeda - art dump by OneLifeRemainingEBC: AC- In the Pawsteps of a God by OneLifeRemainingEBC: Ice Healers by OneLifeRemainingEBC: Alukard- Relationships by OneLifeRemainingEBC: Snazzy Andro by OneLifeRemainingSantino Commish for Kiralebia by OneLifeRemainingFightingLaziness Secret Santa 2013 by OneLifeRemainingEBC: The New Generation by OneLifeRemainingEBC: 2013 SS for Pedropoliss by OneLifeRemaining3DS Ironman by OneLifeRemainingGravekeeper 20pt Commish for Cheshire-Pony by OneLifeRemainingEBC: For Germanus! by OneLifeRemainingEBC: Ruby's New Scarf by OneLifeRemainingEBC: Taming of the Brute by OneLifeRemainingEBC: Eclipse by OneLifeRemainingEBC: Passing the Torch by OneLifeRemainingEBC: The Magic Cure by OneLifeRemainingEBC: Andromeda Rising by OneLifeRemainingEBC: Humanized Andromeda by OneLifeRemainingEBC: A Fatherless Son, A God Of Fire by OneLifeRemainingEBC: Everything the Light Touches by OneLifeRemainingEBC: Tempestas Headshot by OneLifeRemainingEBC: To Be Free by OneLifeRemainingEBC: The Eyes of A Tiger by OneLifeRemainingThe Lion King: Simba by OneLifeRemainingEBC: At Odds by OneLifeRemainingEBC: Kestrel's May 2014 assignment by OneLifeRemainingEBC: Diplomacy by OneLifeRemainingEBC: Mysterious Mission RP by OneLifeRemainingEBC: Ivy's Patrol by OneLifeRemainingEBC: Into Darkness by OneLifeRemainingEBC: The Monster I've Become by OneLifeRemainingEBC: Leaders of Fire and Ice by OneLifeRemainingAT -RainStrive by OneLifeRemainingBaliwick -DT by OneLifeRemainingBlood Moon by OneLifeRemainingThe Man I Used to Be by OneLifeRemainingThe Armored Queen by OneLifeRemaining

i don't feel like i progressed much x.x

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VolKAINo Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh, do you have a Lightning Character? XD I couldn't find one

Not that I stalk your gallery or anything...
OneLifeRemaining Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well actually...
VolKAINo Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Student General Artist
I was going to ask to RP, but I realised you had no Lightning characters XD Oh well. You're probably busy anyway
OneLifeRemaining Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you C:
VolKAINo Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh cool XD I might get it then 

Really love your art btw :D
OneLifeRemaining Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I use a game/app on my 3DS called "Colors!"!
VolKAINo Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Student General Artist
Hey I heard you sometimes draw with a 3DS! That's so cool! What software do you use 0.0 ??
Sky-Lily Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It's fine, no rush.  If there had been a rush I wouldn't've been able to change the order after all x'D
OneLifeRemaining Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Of course C:
Although, I'm sorry for all this waiting, but the house won't be done and ready to be moved into until probably September...It seems so far away that I'm probably gonna take my computer from my old house and hook it up where I'm staying so I can do this commish for ye. That may be a week or two away though, since family shenanigans and whatnot. >< I'm sorry I'm making you wait this long DX
Sky-Lily Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
pssssssssssst, if you haven't started on the Evander pixel yet, you can change it to Garen maybe?
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