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One Life Remaining

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Least of my Worries by OneLifeRemaining
Least of my Worries
Cub assignment 2/3 
Bullet; Yellow Draw your cub playing

"Miss Melinda!" Ramiel squeaked as he bounded toward the jaguar gladiator. "Watch out that butterfly is gonna attack you!" Melinda glanced over her shoulder just as the cub leaped on her back to clammer after the fluttering bug. 
"I think the butterfly is the least of my worries," She mused. 
"Miss Melinda, you're a jaguar like me, aren't you?" Ramiel asked, swatting at the butterfly.
"Yes, I am." She answered. 
"...Can you be my new mommy?" Ramiel asked. "My old one wasn't very nice." Melinda purred in surprise. 
"I...don't think it works that way." 
"...Why not?"

I totally accidentally stole Asante's background style for this XD I kinda like it. It was fun and only took like 2 seconds.

Rammy's last assignment is already inked and just needs color. It should be done by next week and then he can be apprenticed~

Ramiel belongs to me. +16 EP to him, obviously.
Melinda is up for adoption through EBC. <da:thumb id="464454758">
Barbed Wire and Lace by OneLifeRemaining
Barbed Wire and Lace
EP to Ivy. Not that it matters at this point. 
Atticus belongs to celestialMayday 
Luna belongs to Luna-Lovegood12
Ivy and Kostenlos belong to me
Other characters mentioned: Thalia, Evander, Evira

I'm gonna love ya
Until you hate me
And I'm gonna show ya
What's really crazy
You should've known better
Than to mess with me, honey
I'm gonna love ya, I'm gonna love ya
Gonna love ya, gonna love ya
Like Poison Ivy, baby

They don't think I'm dangerous. They think I'm helpless. They don't take me seriously because I'm small. I'll show them how wrong they are. 

Ivy padded out of the gladiator's den and headed for the armory to pick up her things. She slid on her metal cuffs, her collar like thing, her side armor, and a new piece of stabbing armor. Sullas had recently made it for the small cat, so that she could use her new fighting method in battle. Even without the metal piece though, Ivy had already used it today, and she felt rather proud of herself. As she left the armory, she caught sight of Atticus and Luna entering camp, pelts brushing. The butterflies that used to flutter in Ivy's stomach when she saw him were dead now, the feeling replaced by their rotting wings. She padded up to the cute couple, tail waving in greeting. Luna eyed the small cat curiously and with a flick of her tail, excused herself and padded away to the kill pile with her catch. The huina looked up at the tiger hybrid. The sight of him made her sick.

"Hello, Atticus." She mewed sweetly, betraying none of her true feelings. "I wanted to apologize for last night." After he had broken her heart, she had run away from him, and hadn't returned to camp until the following morning. She bowed her head apologetically. "It was quite rude of me." 

"It's quite alright," Atticus replied. "I understand you were hurt, and I'm sorry."

"Sorries" can't fix what you've done.

"I brought you and Luna a rabbit..." She mewed as she took a few steps toward the camp entrance. She nodded towards the gladiator's den, indicating where they were. "As a good wishes gift for the both of you...I...I hope they're alright. I garnished them with herbs like the humans used to do." She made sure she glanced down shyly. Atticus tilted his head and smiled. 

"Why thank you, Ivy." He meowed in pleasant surprise. "That's very kind of you." Ivy smiled sweetly as she padded toward the entrance. She glanced over her shoulder.

"Oh, no need to thank me."


The kodkod padded down the stone stairs leading away from camp, she heard Atticus catch up to his mate, who was about to pick up a piece of prey for herself. "Hey Luna! Ivy said-" 

As Ivy entered the forest, another cat padded by her toward the stair-way entrance. A leopard, named Kostenlos. 

"Hey Ivy," He greeted as they passed. She only nodded a reply, and he vanished into camp. Ivy glanced around then skirted the outer edge of camp until she approached Aurelia's Moon. She silently climbed a nearby tree to listen, unseen, to the two felines who had just entered the gladiator's den to find their nests strewn with pretty pink oleander flower petals. Upon the petals, the rabbits Ivy had hunted herself, just for this occasion. "Garnished" with pretty pink and purple flowers. Dressed with the juice of the black berries of the purple-flowered plant. Seasoned with other sweet herbs to cover the scent, poppy seeds to insure they slept while the poison did its work... Served fresh with a side of revenge.

"That was really nice of her," She heard Luna say. 

Shut up. You don't know me. 

Ivy listened as they settled down, exchanged a few words, then bit into their last meal. She strained her ears to hear them. In addition to the berries, she'd included the most toxic parts of the deadly nightshade plant; the leaves and stems. She'd torn them to tiny pieces and included them, so there was no way the two could eat the rabbit without consuming the poison. After a few minutes, she heard Atticus cough slightly, then cleared his throat. 

"I'm a bit thirsty." He croaked. "I'm going to go down to the swamp for a drink." 

Yes, wash the poison into your system faster.

"Me too," Luna agreed. "Those herbs really made that rabbit dry." She paused, looking around slightly disoriented. "Er...where was the swamp again?" Atticus stopped. The swamp was only about a minute walk from the den, if that.

"Uh...Wait, what swamp?" He looked over at her. "Luna! Your eyes..." Ivy knew human women used the plant's juice to dilate their eyes...which was dumb, because too much of it could cause blindness. Apparently it worked on felids as well. 

"Atticus...I don't feel well..." Ivy heard Atticus start to move toward her when his legs apparently gave out, for she heard him growl before hearing his body fall with a soft thud upon the stone floor. 

"Luna..." Atticus tried to call out. Just then, another feline entered the den, but stopped in his tracks when he saw the two. 

"Atticus...?" The voice belonged to Kostenlos. The leopard looked from hybrid to hybrid. "Luna?" When they didn't respond to his call so shortly after having heard them speaking, he knew something was terribly wrong. He backed away and ran into the clearing. "Thal-" He stopped himself, seeming to remember that Thalia had been captured. "Evira! Evander! Come quick!" Ivy smirked. The deed was done. She leaped from branch to branch until she was on the forest floor again, and being the small cat she was, fled unnoticed. Her paws took her to a predetermined place; the city of Julii. Her home. Her real home. 

Goodbye brother. Goodbye sister. I hope you'll understand. This life wasn't meant for me. 

On monday I took a flower
Dried it in my hand
Covered it in poison
And I threw it on the land
On wasted ground it tried to root
But choked upon the sand

And there's room in my diary for you, my friend
And there's room in my diary for you

That's all folks! Ivy didn't eat those berries herself, she saved them for revenge! I got permission to poison Atticus and Luna as well, so all of this is canon. 

Also, I derped with the deadly nightshade flowers in the pic. I drew a non-deadly nightshade. They should look like this: poisonousnature.biodiversityex…

Oh, and the pink colander flowers are poisonous too C: "Here guys, have a pretty bouquet of DEATH."

And yes, Ivy is gone. She's fled Shadow Empire and intends to go back to her housefolk in Julii. 

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