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Pokemon ORAS comes out this friday! Once I do obtain it, which trainer name should I go with? (Choosing my name takes me more time than completing the game, i swear). Let me know why you chose your answer! 

3 deviants said Andromeda...A more unique name that I love, and the name I choose for my X/Y adventure.
3 deviants said Germany...An inside joke with DA friends. Will surely also cause confusion since I'm not from Germany.
2 deviants said Jarica...The original name of my Hoenn trainer OC. I don't expect to see any other players with the name.
2 deviants said Scarlet... The name Jarica changed her name to in my story. A good name, but also common enough that I'd probably see other Scarlets.
2 deviants said Other suggestions? *comment*
No deviants said OneLifeRemaining... Since it's my screen name pretty much everywhere.
No deviants said One... A shortened version of that^
No deviants said My real name...which is unique enough I probably won't see any others with the same...also, I hate it. x.x
No deviants said Alternatively, a nickname of my real name; Devi, Vona, Devo, etc whatever XD


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One Life Remaining

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EBC: Andromeda icon plz by OneLifeRemaining Andromeda ~ Leader
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-------Assignment: :bulletgreen:

:iconebc-alucard: Alukard ~ Hunter
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:iconebc-ice: Ruby ~ Healer
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-------Assignment: :bulletgreen:

:iconebc-shadow: Ivy ~ Gladiator
-------File: :bulletgreen:
-------Written: :bulletred:
-------Assignment: :bulletgreen:

:iconebc-air: Kestrel ~ Gladiator
-------File: :bulletgreen:
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:iconebc-lightning: Ramiel ~ Cub
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I Tremble
I tremble
They're gonna eat me alive
If I stumble
Can you hear my heart
Beating like a hammer
Beating like a hammer

Little known fact! Ivy is terrified of large cats. Having lived the entirety of her life in a house, she only ever saw big cats from she never realized how huge they were until she joined Shadow Empire with her brother Thorn (WHO IS UP FOR ADOPTION, PLEASE SOMEONE ADOPT HIM HE'S TOO PRETTY TO GO TO WASTE.) 

Ivy is also constantly afraid that the empire will find her useless and either banish her or eat her. So, she does what she can for them, which...isn't a whole lot for her size. 
She knows she can trust her fellow empire mates, and she's gotten over this initial fear, but she's still a bit nervous around a lot of big cats. Usually she just hops on the back of some large and tolerant kitty so she can feel big too. Oh Ivy. Why u so cub sized?

Ivy belongs to me
Lilith belongs to Re-sewn
Angel belongs to WingsandFeathers
Laertes belongs to Staniqs
no tomorrow
I find it kinda funny
I find it kinda sad.
The dreams in which I'm dying
are the best I've ever had. 

vent art


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